Iwo Tarkowski Psycholog Psychoterapia

„Therapy is an investigation of how we function in the world, and how we can function more in tune with our nature…”

Piotr Mierkowski

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Iwo Tarkowski Psycholog Psychoterapia

„The first step in any change is taking responsibility for your life. How can we change it if we do not feel responsible for it at all?”

Irvin Yalom

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Iwo Tarkowski Psycholog Psychoterapia

„We can control this, what we’re aware of, while this what we’re not aware controls us.”

Jacek Pierzchała

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Welcome to my private psychotherapy practice website.

If You are looking for psychotherapy or psychological support for Yourself or for someone close to You, then You’ve come to the right place.

Different circumstances encourage people to reach for psychological support. Sometimes these are situations difficult to prepare for: traumatic event, loss, crisis, illness. Sometimes experiencing long-term depression, stress, tension, or exhaustion. Sometimes lack of ability to feel any emotion, other times feeling chaos and continuously strong stimulation or stress. These can be difficult to build close relationships or problems You encounter in Your professional life. It may also be that there is no sense in Your life, or that You have a strong need to change, though You do not know how it should look like. In each of these situations, I invite You to the meeting.

My name is Iwo Tarkowski. I am certified psychotherapist, psychologist and trainer. I conduct individual therapy and couples therapy. I have several years of experience in therapeutic work with adults and youth. The psychotherapeutic modality in which I have been trained, went through my own therapy, and in which I am still developing is Gestalt Therapy.

I completed my 4-year comprehensive Gestalt Psychotherapy course at the Gestalt Institute in Cracow, with the accreditation of EAP (European Associaton for Psychotherapy) and PTPG (Polish Association of Gestalt Psychotherapy) and PFP (Polish Federation of Psychotherapy). Previously I got Master of Laws at the University of Wroclaw and Master of Psychology at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Wroclaw.

I work in accordance with the standards of the Code of Ethics of the EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy) and Polish Association of Gestalt Psychotherapy, in which I obtained Certificate of the Psychoterapist complying the regulations of Ministry of Health. I am a member of both organizations. My work is subject to regular supervision in Poland and abroad.

This page contains information about psychotherapy, a specialized form of psychological help. In addition to the broader description of psychotherapy and my work, You will find here information about me and about my experience.

My practice is located in Wroclaw – at Krakowska street No. 88cd local number 102, it is the building opposite to Leroy Merlin and the Family Point shopping center, so-called “Krakowskie Tarasy Stage II”, near “Zaklęte Rewiry” Club.

I hope this site will answer Your questions about the services I provide, but if you require more information, please contact me by phone +48 607 088 181 or email iwo.tarkowski@gmail.com.