„The first step in any change is taking responsibility for your life. How can we change it if we do not feel responsible for it at all?”

Irvin Yalom


Iwo Tarkowski Psycholog Psychoterapia

My name is Iwo Tarkowski. I am certified psychotherapist, psychologist and trainer. I conduct individual therapy and couples therapy. I have several years of experience in therapeutic work with adults and youth. The psychotherapeutic modality in which I have been trained, went through my own therapy, and in which I am still developing is Gestalt Therapy. My way of work and approach to the client were influenced also by two figures – Irvin Yalom and Antoni Kępiński, both representing existential and humanistic approaches.

For me psychotherapy process is a kind of a journey. I like to use the metaphor of the road. It is a meeting of two people, at different stage of life, age, with different experiences. You set the purpose of our trip. I will accompany You in this way for some time, shorter or longer, depending on where You are starting and where You want to go. Sometimes the goal is unknown, yet You have a strong desire to begin. Then we will be looking for answer to the question “Where to?”.

During this route I will support You in what You need, and sometimes confront You with what is blocking You in Your development. On this journey, the most important thing is the relationship between You and me, as well as respect for You, Your experiences and Your own pace. During this journey You will have the opportunity to become aware of Your needs and to seek other ways of expressing yourself. Look on what doesn’t fit You anymore, but still keep in place or block towards going on. You will also have the opportunity to change and in this change I am willing to accompany You.

I gained my professional experience working in my own practice, as well as in the Addiction Treatment Clinics in Swiebodzice, the Regional Hospital in Wroclaw, the Penitentiary in Wroclaw, and during my work at the Outpatient Ward in the MSW Specialist Hospital in Jelenia Góra, where I led the therapeutic group. I also co-operated with the MONAR Center for Children and Young People facing drug addiction in Wroclaw. In cooperation with the “Magic Mountain” Foundation, I worked with socially excluded people – addicts and with the autism spectrum disorder.

I also co-conducted numerous camps, mountain climbing, skiing, climbing, and rescue in difficult terrain courses. Mountaineering and sports activities are, apart from psychotherapy, my life’s passion. For several years I have been active in the GOPR Mountain Rescue Group in Karkonosze (Great Mountains). There is also a completely different part of my life history- I was a lawyer, and also conducted my own company and foundation for several years. These experiences sometimes help me in better understanding the world of my clients.

I completed my 4-year comprehensive Gestalt Psychotherapy course at the Gestalt Institute in Cracow, with the accreditation of EAP (European Associaton for Psychotherapy) and PTPG (Polish Association of Gestalt Psychotherapy) and PFP (Polish Federation of Psychotherapy). Previously I got Master of Laws at the University of Wroclaw and Master of Psychology at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Wroclaw.

I work in accordance with the standards of the Code of Ethics of the EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy) and Polish Association of Gestalt Psychotherapy, in which I obtained Certificate of the Psychoterapist complying the regulations of Ministry of Health. I am a member of both organizations. My work is subject to regular supervision in Poland and abroad.