“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King

Psychological consultation

This is a meeting with a psychotherapist, during which the client defines his problem and the therapist proposes appropriate form of psychological help (short-term, long-term therapy, psychoeducation, consultation with the specialist). The number of consultation sessions depends on the complexity of the problem and the individual needs of the client (typically one to three).

Duration of the session: 60 minutes

Consultation fee: 200 PLN or 50 EUR

Individual psychotherapy

This is a form of work based on regular weekly meetings. Psychotherapy is designed to change in the daily functioning and to overcome the limitations on the way to a satisfying life, in harmony with oneself. Individual psychotherapy can take the form of short-term therapy when the work is focused on one problem and long-term therapy, in which the client’s range of difficulties covers different spheres of functioning. Short-term therapy usually lasts up to 6 months, long-term takes more than 6 months.

Meetings usually take place once a week, if there is such need (crisis situation) sessions may take place more often.

Duration of the session: 60  minutes

Cost of the session: 200 PLN or 50 EUR

On-line psychotherapy

On-line psychotherapy is available primarily for people living abroad. Therapy in it’s core proces, the way of building contact in no way deviates from the therapy conducted in the practice. What is hindering is the lack of direct physical contact with the therapist. In this way of work it is particularly important for client to find a safe and private place – so that the session is not interrupted or eavesdropped by other people.

The work takes place via instant messenger (eg Skype, Messenger, What’s Up).

Duration of the session: 60 minutes

Cost of the session: 200 PLN or 50 EUR